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Easy ways for you to get involved with breaking the stigma around depression and suicide.

Shatter Our Silence (SOS) is looking for individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of young adults by Shattering Our Silence and stigma around the factors that lead to suicide. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death of young adults age 15-25. Young adults don’t die from suicide. Suicide may have been the means in which they died. But the reasons vary and are complex: Depression. Addiction. Despair. Powerlessness. Bullying. Body Image. When it is announced that a young adult dies, everyone stops. There is shock. There are screams. Silence. Tears. Questions. There are vows that this should not have happened and will never happen again. But, after the funeral and after a couple of days or weeks, for the majority of people, life moves on. Not for those certain ones. Maybe family. Maybe friends. But for almost everyone silence happens. It stops getting talked about. We don’t know what to say. More importantly, we don’t talk about what drove the person to the point of taking their own life. And because we don’t talk about it, we just wait. And then it happens again. The outrage begins again. SOS is working relentlessly to increase awareness of the factors leading to young adult suicide and the stigma surrounding these factors. We intend, through awareness and education, to eliminate young adult suicide by educating on risk factors, interventions and by building strong mental health.  SOS will be presenting awareness and educational material to three specific populations: students, significant others of the students and the professionals that work with them.  We will be collaborating with other mental health, educational and social service agencies to engage the targeted populations.  We are asking you to join us, and to be a part of the movement to end young adult suicide.

Share Your Story
Log on it to share your story. Or, tell us directly.

Attend or Host an Event
We are funded through private donations and educational seminars. Schools and employers can host a training for staff. Or, attend one of our CEU accredited courses that will give you the knowledge to make a positive difference in the lives of people struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide.

Volunteer or Donate
We host events once or twice per year to raise awareness and help make it okay to talk about depression and suicide in an open forum. You can volunteer to make this happen. We are funded by private donations and attendance at events. If you wish to donate send your contribution to –
6392 Linden Rd. Rockford, IL 61109